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VX Fiber & Grosvenor Estate

In 2017 VX Fiber went into partnership with Grosvenor as part of the Estate’s drive to transform London’s digital landscape.

As part of Grosvenor’s 20 year vision for its London Estate, for Mayfair and Belgravia to have the best digital connectivity – Grosvenor established a project in 2017 called Prime Fibre. This entailed the creation of a new gigabit-capable fibre broadband network, throughout Mayfair and Belgravia to give its residents and businesses access to the fastest and highest quality internet in the UK.

This is a true partnership between Grosvenor, VX Fiber and some of the country’s leading Service Providers. Under the project name “Prime Fibre”, this network is part of Grosvenor’s digital strategy where over the next few years, Grosvenor will invest in one of the largest “single estate” upgrades in broadband and WiFi in partnership with VX Fiber, WiFi Spark and the planning authorities.

The project involves Grosvenor working with VX Fiber as the primary contractor, and entails the installation of new optical fibre cables – laying full fibre FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises). In essence, upgrading buildings to provide the very best world-class broadband service. Working closely with Grosvenor, our Service Provider partners and local authorities, we’re committed to transforming Mayfair and Belgravia’s digital infrastructure with London’s first gigabit full fibre network.

Championing London’s digital evolution: Grosvenor’s London Estate – Prime Fibre Case Study


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