VX Suite - a smart hub for fibre management

An intelligent, automated network operation platform, serving as a neutral host or aggregator, connecting fibre owners with service providers.


The hub that taps into everything

Simplify your operations and unlock new revenue opportunities with a seamless, efficient connectivity solution.

Accelerate your business

Streamline your network operations, enhance overall efficiency and performance.

The VX Suite

VX Suite comprises several integral components designed to streamline and enhance management for fibre network owners and ISPs. Each part synergizes to offer a complete, user-friendly solution.


VX Settings

For customizable network preferences.

VX eCommerce

For online transaction facilitation.

VX Fiber Operator

For direct fibre network control.


VX 360

For comprehensive network insights.

VX Marketplace

For ISP sales via open access portal.

VX Mobile

For on-the-go management.

Remote setup and operations

The remote setup and operations capability ensure seamless and efficient control from anywhere. This minimizes the need for on-site personnel, significantly reducing operational costs and enhancing the flexibility of network management.

Top grade security

Safeguard your network and management with the latest in encryption and cyber security measures. Our commitment ensures that your data remains protected, but still easily accessible for you.

Easy integrations

VX Suite seamlessly integrates with your preferred products and works with market leading hardware (ONT/OLT, Switches/Routers/CPEs), thanks to its tech and vendor-neutral nature. We can provide the best-suited hardware and network planning tools for your business, along with integration capabilities for various provisioning systems.


Connects to all your favorite products and integrates to provisioning systems.


Compatible with existing hardware from market leading vendors.

Fast and remote onboarding


Remote migration

Hassle-free remote onboarding, ensuring a swift and seamless integration into our platform.



Unparalleled customisation options, allowing you to tailor services and solutions to meet your unique needs.



Our dedicated support team ensures that your questions are answered and your needs are met.

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