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Full Fibre Open Access Model

Open Access Model

Open access means competing Service Providers share a common FTTP infrastructure operated by a neutral wholesale operator. The network is open to all providers on the same terms and conditions. VX Fiber does not provide services but simply enables ISPs via its open access platform.

The benefit to customers is that they are not locked into a monopoly. If customers want to switch to another ISP, they can do so easily, within minutes. This business model enables customers to enjoy exceptional services, freedom of choice, at competitive prices, provided by a long-term stable and sustainable business ecosystem.

VX Fiber’s model in essence:

  • VX Fiber build and operate the active fibre network, on top of the passive infrastructure layer. The passive layer as a fibre asset can be owned by anyone.
  • VX Fiber is a neutral host – they do not compete with Service Providers.
  • Low barriers to entry – limited CAPEX needed from Service Providers to onboard network.
  • Multiple Service Providers gives subscribers freedom of choice.
  • Tailored for the mass market – Residential and SME.
  • High level of automation of time-consuming workflows via self-provisioning platform.
  • Robust and secure network technology.

Benefits for Service Providers:

  • Provide attractive FTTP products that meet future demand. Full fibre symmetrical up to 10 Gigabit, active ethernet.
  • Huge business potential without high CAPEX investments.
  • Quick time-to-market – Service Provider onboarding in one week.
  • VX Fiber platform is highly automated – sales, order, service provisioning, customer service, reporting etc. – provides significant OPEX savings.
  • Limited Sales Acquisition Cost.
  • Early onboard – potential market share.
  • Service Provider integration through API – automation possible.
  • Full service security – separation between subscribers, networks and services.

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