Full Fibre Open Access Model​

The digital age has made internet access essential. The open access model is revolutionizing this space by offering service fibre owners, providers and subscribers unprecedented freedom.

The power of Open Access

At its core, the open access model enables service providers of all sizes to connect to active fibre networks. Our platform streamlines the integration process, with quick and easy access for ISPs to tap into the network. This solution enhances the value of the fibre assets for network owners, enables ISPs to reach more customers, and opens up a world of services and choices for end-users.

Freedom to choose

One of the most significant advantages of the open access model is the freedom it offers to subscribers. By opening up the network to multiple service providers, consumers are no longer tied to a single provider’s offerings. Instead, they can choose from a range of services that best meet their needs, fostering a competitive environment where providers are incentivized to innovate and improve their offerings continually.

"Open access equals freedom. It offers service choice, democratizes access, encourages competition, and drives innovation, leading to a more connected and accessible future."
Stefan Block
CEO, VX Fiber

Democratizing internet access

Lower investment barriers enable new providers to enter the market, increasing competition and making high-quality internet services more accessible.

Encouraging innovation

The open access model drives providers to develop better technologies and services, enhancing user experience and industry advancement.

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