Local Authority Forum back for it’s second year!

With a triumphant return, VX Fiber’s Local Authority Forum: Delivering Connectivity for Everyone will be held at the Business Design Centre London on 19 September 2022.  And with great excitement we are delighted to announce our first two confirmed speakers – both of whom set the bar extremely high and cement this a not-to-be missed event!

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The biggest buzzword of the 21st century – 5G

For years, the tech industry has been bombarded with claims that 5G will change everything. It’s been the word on everyone’s lips, whether that be excitement over its possible use cases or the exasperated asking, “will 5G ever live up to the hype?”.

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Why 5G hasn’t yet met the hype? It needs full fibre

More recently, the slower rate of adoption of the latest generation of mobile technology has given rise to questions from the British public such as “why did 5G take so long to take off in the UK?” and “why is 5G adoption in the UK so poor compared to other countries?”.

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Active Open Access Neutral Operator: the enabler of Digital Transformation

The UK government is in the throes of a post-pandemic recovery – with plans to ‘Build Back Better’ and a promise to ‘level-up’ all regions in the country. Its aim is to ensure there’s equal opportunity for economic growth and social development, such as access to jobs, education, healthcare and housing, for every citizen from John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

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What UK FTTP Broadband Projects Can Learn from Sweden

In a new interview the Chairman of Swedish operator VX Fiber, Mikael Sandberg, has helped to illuminate the “stark difference in attitude towards fibre in the UK compared with Sweden” and highlights some of the ways in which FTTP broadband deployments on this side of the channel could be improved.

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It’s time for the CRE Industry to Fibre-Up

Without a doubt, Covid-19 has brought about untold disruption across all sectors of the economy. The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is not alone in having to amend its business practices and operations, but it has been a difficult year for this sector.

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