Active Open Access Neutral Operator: the enabler of Digital Transformation

The UK government is in the throes of a post-pandemic recovery – with plans to ‘Build Back Better’ and a promise to ‘level-up’ all regions in the country. Its aim is to ensure there’s equal opportunity for economic growth and social development, such as access to jobs, education, healthcare and housing, for every citizen from John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

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What UK FTTP Broadband Projects Can Learn from Sweden

In a new interview the Chairman of Swedish operator VX Fiber, Mikael Sandberg, has helped to illuminate the “stark difference in attitude towards fibre in the UK compared with Sweden” and highlights some of the ways in which FTTP broadband deployments on this side of the channel could be improved.

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It’s time for the CRE Industry to Fibre-Up

Without a doubt, Covid-19 has brought about untold disruption across all sectors of the economy. The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is not alone in having to amend its business practices and operations, but it has been a difficult year for this sector.

View more » Annual Industry Survey 2020 published its ‘2020 Annual Industry Survey’ at the beginning of November with the bold statement: ‘With resolution and defiance, the telecoms industry is standing firm in adversity’. We whole-heartedly agree with that statement and are proud of our team here at VX Fiber, its commitment and hard work during the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

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AMP Capital Acquires Majority Stake In VX Fiber

ICYMI: We wanted to share some exciting news for VX Fiber today. It has been announced that Global investment manager, AMP Capital has agreed to acquire a majority stake in VX Fiber, on behalf of investors in its infrastructure equity strategy – clearly demonstrating the healthy appetite in the market for AltNet providers who have an innovative approach to the FTTP market.

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COVID-19 Education: How Tech Is Transforming Learning

As schools return, Silicon UK considers how technology has been used to keep students connected to their teachers and, what the future of education could look like. As hybrid working looks set to become the norm for businesses, will we see something similar in our education system? How will education change thanks to COVID-19?

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