Who we are and what we believe

We pride ourselves on our culture of excellence, our strong values, and our unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. Led by a dynamic management team and supported by our board and owners, we strive to deliver world-class performance and make a positive impact on society.

Our Vision

We enable the digital landscape by collaboration, partnership, open access and by a digitalized operation and world class performance.

Our Culture

We know that every employee makes a difference

At VX Fiber, we strive to create a culture of excellence on every single occasion. In the 1VX team, we are all ambassadors of that excellence. Our work environment is designed to be:

Our Mission

VX Fiber’s mission is to create value in the community in which we live and work, to help individuals, businesses and the community as a whole to gain their digital freedom.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

By providing FTTP networks to councils, schools, business and individuals, we enable societies to take the step into the digital future. VX Fiber’s key differentiator is a partnership approach with local authorities, real estate owners, investors and communities in deploying and operating FTTP networks. 

Our Partnership Approach

VX Fiber partners with multiple Service Providers to offer a variety of products and services direct to the subscriber via a self-provisioning web-based portal.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At VX Fiber, we evolve the digital landscape to enable a sustainability today and into the future, while at all times staying true to our commitment to be responsible and operate with high ethical standards. VX Fiber is dedicated to sustainability across all our activities with a positive social and environmental impact. We are committed to reduce the climate footprint by reducing our own as well as helping our customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to support the goal of achieving a climate neutral world.

Our Management Team

Experienced and professional leadership

Our leadership team comprises experienced professionals who are dedicated to steering VX Fiber towards its vision and mission. Each member brings unique expertise and a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring we achieve our strategic objectives and deliver value to our stakeholders.

Our Board and Owners

Strong governance and strategic direction

Our board and ownership structure provide strong governance and strategic direction, supporting our growth and ensuring we adhere to the highest standards of corporate responsibility. InfraBridge’s backing enables us to leverage resources and expertise to further our mission and vision.

VX Fiber is majority-owned by InfraBridge, a subsidiary of DigitalBridge.
See www.infrabridge.com for more information.

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