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Flanders -Belgium

VxFiber is a strategic partner to Fluvius the  largest Flemish multi-utility with almost 7 million customers served, covering the entire Flemish region.

Vx Fiber is making a significant long-term investment in future proof technology providing a complete FTTH open access eco system based on the 3 layer model. This gives local ISP service providers a new wholesale platform to interconnect to with out any requirement or volume commitments.

End users benefits from a complete web based on demand platform and free choice of ISP service provider in real time, at a flat rate with out any limits on capacity or data usage.

Vx Fiber is actively participating in the first test pilot of 15.000 homes to evaluate the best local approach for the for the fiber deployment over the next 10 years providing secure reliable future proof technology in partnership with Fluvius.

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