Total Telecom Interview with Mikael Sandberg: “Lessons from Swedish Success – VX Fiber’s approach to broadband”

At Connected Britain, our Chairman Mikael Sandberg spoke to Total Telecom’s Editor, Harry Baldock to discuss the success of its pre-day event, “Local Authority Forum: Delivering Digital Transformation”, and why it’s so crucial to open-up a space for local authority representatives to discuss their approaches to community digitalisation.

Local authorities have found themselves in an unenviable position over the past 18 months, not only needing to rapidly digitise their own operations but also to help their communities to do the same. The Forum brought together peers from around the country to share their successes and challenges as they help to build a more Connected Britain.

In his interview, Mikael touches on the need for a mindset change. To begin, it’s important that local authorities are aware of the significance of their role in the UK’s race to full fibre connectivity. Second, the need for a clearer understanding of “fibre” for the consumer. Currently, millions of subscribers across the UK who think they benefit from a fibre connection aren’t aware that the fibre only goes to the street cabinet where an outdated copper line then connects to their premises.

A greater understanding can accelerate deployment and take-up, as seen in VX Fiber’s home market Sweden. Driven by local authorities and district councils who recognised fibre’s economic value and social benefits, Sweden is nearly 80% FTTP, with over 60% of homes and businesses connected. Now, it’s time for the UK to follow suit.

To find out more about the key challenges we are facing with full fibre roll out in the UK, the lessons we can learn from Sweden, as well as what the future holds for VX Fiber over the next 12 months, watch the interview here:

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Local Authority Forum back for it’s second year!

With a triumphant return, VX Fiber’s Local Authority Forum: Delivering Connectivity for Everyone will be held at the Business Design Centre London on 19 September 2022.  And with great excitement we are delighted to announce our first two confirmed speakers – both of whom set the bar extremely high and cement this a not-to-be missed event!

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