Reject half-measures

Demand Full Fibre

Between copper wire and full fibre, there´s light

Despite being developed by the Victorians over 100 years ago, copper wires continue to carry telephone signal. Copper simply isn’t suited to carrying information at the speed or volume needed for a future-proof broadband connection.

Full fibre cables send information using light, which travels at the speed of light. That’s why full fibre broadband can deliver download speeds 15 x faster than the UK’s average.

It’s also why a movie which takes more than 4 minutes to download using regular UK broadband, takes only 16 seconds with full fibre.

Lightning fast downloads. Lightning fast uploads.

Most internet service providers only install fibre optic cable as far as the on-street telecoms box. But if the copper wires that lead to your house are not replaced, then the speed and security of your ‘fibre optic’ broadband plummets as soon as it leaves the telecoms box.

Only with a full fibre connection can you harness the true benefits of fibre optics. Download 15 x faster and upload 70 x faster than the UK national average*.

This unlimited symmetrical speed, high bandwidth and greater capacity will be essential to the future of how we live, work, learn and play.

*OFCOM UK Home Broadband Performance Report, May 2020

A direct line to tomorrow

In the UK, most so-called ‘fibre optic’ connections only go as far as the on-street telecoms box. But unless the copper wires leading to your home are replaced, you will only get a fraction of the benefits true fibre optic broadband can offer.

It’s a bit like building a brand new super-highway, but leaving an old gravel slip road to connect to the city. As soon as traffic leaves the motorway, the volume and speed of cars/information drops dramatically and an endless backlog forms.

We believe consumers deserve better. That’s why we replace your old copper wires with full fibre optic hardlines, which pipe lightning fast broadband straight into your home.

Enlighten your video-calls, gaming and education

If you’ve ever experienced a glitchy, out-of-sync video call or ‘lag’ during an online game, this is because your current internet connection can’t respond quick enough.

The full fibre cables we fit send and receive information so quickly that you can connect with distant loved ones or immerse yourself in virtual worlds free from the fear of frustration.

When it comes to security sharing isn´t caring

Other full fibre companies connect multiple homes using shared fibre optic cable. This does save on cost, but at what price?

As all your digital information passes through the same cable your neighbours use, your personal privacy and internet speed could be compromised.

We always fit a dedicated point-to-point connection. Nothing is shared – neither information nor broadband speeds – so you can surf with peace of mind.

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