Full Fibre: A transformative leap in connectivity

Full fibre technology represents a transformative leap from traditional copper-based internet connections. By harnessing the power of light to transmit data, it delivers unparalleled speed, reliability, and security.

This innovation is set to revolutionize our daily lives, enhance productivity, and improve our communication, making digital experiences faster and more seamless than ever before.


times faster
download speeds

Compared to the average.


times faster
upload speeds

Compared to the average.


sec to download
a movie

Compared to 4 minutes with regular broadband.

Key advantages of full fibre

Full fibre broadband offers superior internet connectivity with faster speeds, improved reliability, and greater security. These advantages make it an excellent choice for meeting modern data demands.

"Full fibre technology represents a transformative leap in broadband connectivity. This innovation will significantly enhance the way we live, work, and communicate."
Stefan Block
CEO, VX Fiber

Speed and efficiency

Full fibre broadband delivers download speeds up to 15 times faster than the average copper wire. This is because fibre optic cables can transmit data at the speed of light, unlike copper wires that are much slower.

Fast upload and download speeds

With full fibre, both download and upload speeds are greatly improved. This technology allows for faster data transfer in both directions, which is beneficial for activities like video calls, online gaming, and large file uploads.

Make sure you get full fibre all the way

Many “fibre optic” connections only extend to the street telecoms box, with copper wires leading to the home. This setup limits the speed and benefits of true fibre optic broadband. It’s like building a super-highway but leaving an old gravel road for the final stretch. For maximum performance and speed, ensure that your connection is full fibre all the way to your home, not just to the telecom box.

No more ‘lag’ during video-calls, gaming & education

The full fibre cables send and receive information so quickly that you can connect with distant loved ones or immerse yourself in virtual worlds free from the fear of frustration.

Security and privacy in full fibre connections

Some full fibre providers connect multiple homes using shared fibre optic cables, which can save costs but may compromise your privacy and internet speed. When all digital information passes through the same cable, there’s a risk of data and speed sharing among neighbours.

For optimal security and performance, dedicated point-to-point connections ensure that your information and broadband speeds remain private and uncompromised.

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